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Peterson pipes

the sellout

new pipes in the pipe shop
handmade pipes by Ser Jacopo vauen pipes Pipe Shop private brand
Ser Jacopo an extravagant collection Vauen Solitär and Extra
the best Vauen Pipes
Pipe Shop private brand, Success series, well-known as Campus by Design Berlin

Gotha 41s made by Design Berlin
vulcano design berlin This is one of the most beautiful pipes made by Design Berlin
Unfortunately, this model is not produced any more. .
Exclusive for the pipe shop Design Berlin has produced once again a tiny amount The applications are made from massive sterling-silver.
Fishtail Acryl-mouthpiece has a double smoke passage which provides an extremely mild smoke.

This pipe is a model from the silver-bearing GOTHA series.
A wonderful pipe.

interesting pipes

Jeppesen Handmade pipes
new Jeppesen Handmade pipes
Jeppesen Handmade pipes This Hand Made is manufactured from Bruyère in top quality, and distinguishes itself by its low weight and high-contrast grain.
These pipes promise a high "smoke enjoyments" through their low weight.
All individual production steps are done by Peter Jepessen himself.
Jeppesen Handmade

special pipes
Design Berlin
show all Magnum pipes
A very large pipe made by Design Berlin.
magnum pipe
Top Quality does not have to be expensive. These pipes are one of our top sellers.

Peterson pipe.
the sellout.
All Peterson pipes you find in my shop are selected by hand.
Many of them are old models which were manufactured really by Peterson in Ireland.

Peterson pipe of the year 2010


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