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Taschenpfeifenständeris this pocket - pipe rack made of leather.
Thick, black leather holds the pipe safely. Whether large or small pipes, billiards or Bent, each pipe is so gently and safely parked.
Fits in everyr pipe case.
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Churchwarden bag
 für LesepfeifenPipe cases for Churchwarden are hard to find on the market, and in this top-quality, much less.
Made in Germany of highest quality leather, are the guarantors for a long life of the pipe case.
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huge pipe stand Vauen Tabak
Wood craft from Thuringia.
This revolving pipe rack has place for 24 pipes.
Made in Germany from natural beech, diameters approximately 40 cm.
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preiswerte Filter activated carbon filter
Filters are an consumable item, with which you can save much money, without giving up quality.
Highly effective activated carbon and a patented, multi-layer absorbent sleeve ensure untroubled smoking pleasure.
The ceramic caps on both ends make handling easy.
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Function, design, sensuality , - DuftlampenThe Italian company millefiori (thousand flowers) is one of the leading manufacturers of aromatic products. The specially designed diffuser lamps "Lampair" improve the indoor air quality significantly. Unlike scented sprays or candles, the smells only cover, this destroys the catalytic stone, by splitting their molecules, reduces bacterial and fungal spores, and simultaneously emits a pleasant fragrance.

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