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Code Relax

Catalog: pipe_tobacco

Producer: McConnell |  Item Number:  kk1381106 | Shipped: immediately 

The very name of the product already suggests that something extraordinary is being launched.

Strength: mild-medium
RoomNote: 4
Flavoring: medium
Flavor: Tonka bean, Apple, Grapefruit,Benedictine liqueur
Packaging: 100 gram

And indeed it is. Robert McConnell have hoarded a 7 year matured Golden Virginia from Kenya like a treasure. This tobacco has now ripened and reached its epitome of taste just in time for you to share in the 170th anniversary of Robert McConnell.
Such a remarkably long maturing period adds complexity and enables the properties of Virginia to emerge in a more concentrated form. In order to underline the impact of this high-end tobacco, it has only been married with one further component - Black Cavendish.
Although the master blenders at Robert McConnell tend to be known for their English and Scottish blends, they have on this occasion opted for an Danish aromatic focus. The rum and vanilla aroma delivered by the tonka bean is very much the star of the show, whilst green apple and crisp grapefruit play a supporting role by providing freshness. A small proportion of Benedictine liqueur is subtly discernible in the background.
The overall impression is a real highlight for aficionados of aromatic blends.
As you can well imagine, such a rare ingredient is only procurable in small quantities. For this reason, a limited edition of Code Relax will be produced from time to time depending on the availability of the 7-year old Virginia used.
Packing design can be different, warning sticker etc.
Code Relax
100 gram tin 24.80 Euro

basic price: 24.80 € per 100 gram incl. VAT., excl. shipping
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